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If there was a plumbing Olympics, the number-oneOur Carson Water Heater Repair Techs Also Do Installs  event would be water heater repair. This is the most common repair that we do. Our Carson water heater repair team handles several water heaters a day. We see most problems with conventional tank style water heaters. Of course, most people don't call us until there is a major catastrophe like the bottom falling out of their tank or a complete lack of hot water. We'd rather fix up your tank before it gets to the point where it needs a replacement. Here are some of the things that may be signs that your water heater needs a service:

  • Smelly Water – If your hot water starts having the stench of rotten eggs, you may have a sediment build-up in the bottom of your tank. When the sediment builds up a particular sulfur releasing bacteria takes up residence in the hydrogen-rich  environment. A simple tank flush should take care of the problem.
  • Popping Sound – Another sediment-related  problem is a popping sound coming from the inside the tank. In gas heated tanks, the sediment layer gets so thick that water doesn't reach the base of the tank, and the sediment gets heated instead of the water. This superheated sediment causes the water to boil on contact. This can result in sediment being thrown against the sides as well as a blooping sound as the bubble pop at the top of the tank.
  • Leaks – If you are experiencing water around theOur Carson Water Heater Repair Team Repairs Both Tankless and Conventional Systems base of the tank, you may have a leaky T&P valve or a poor inlet connection. These can be fixed by a licensed Carson water heater repair specialist rather quickly. Leaks caused by rusting tanks can be patched temporarily but will necessitate the installation of a new tank as soon as possible.
  • Rusty Water – Rusty water is the result of the galvanized steel interior of the tank rusting. There is a sacrificial anode in the tank that prevents this from happening but when it is used up (or if it fails), then interior of the tank will begin to rust. Replacing the anode will stop the rust and add several more years to the operating life of your water heater.
  • Inconsistent Heat – Inconsistent heat is usually a thermostat issue. Call in a Carson water heater repair tech to have it checked out before you spend money on a new unit. It could be something as simple as a loose wire that is causing all of your problems. If it isn't the thermostat, it could be a poor gas pilot valve, a failed electric heater element, a scaling issue on the interior of the tank or any number of other issues.
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