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Why Repipe? Our Carson Plumbing Techs Weighs In

There are several reasons to repipe Our Carson CA Plumbing Team Are Repiping Specialistsyour home or business. One of the most common is to bring your current plumbing up to local code. While some buildings are grandfathered in with their existing pipes, that doesn't mean that they shouldn't be fixed, especially if the piping is made of galvanized steel. Galvanized piping begins to rust from the inside out after about 40 years. This rust contains lead and makes the water in your home or business potentially lethal. While not technically illegal, these pipes should be replaced as soon as possible for the safety of everyone who uses water there.

  • Rusty pipes are only the beginning when it comes to repiping. In areas with hard water, calcium and magnesium build-ups can cement themselves to the interior of copper pipes and reduce water flow significantly. These build ups are nearly impossible to remove and repiping is a better option.  
  • Leaky pipes, generally pipes made from inferior type M copper, tend to wear out faster than the thicker type L and K pipes that are the industry standard. Connections and long stretches of pipe near the main shut off valve are usually the first to show signs of leakage. If you have a system that seems to be springing leaks all over the place, it's best to be safe and repipe the entire system before a major pipe bursts and causes extensive flood damage.Our Carson CA Plumbing Service Does Commercial Repiping

When you are choosing a type of pipe to use for your repiping project there are two major choices, copper (type K and L) and PEX. While they both have their advantages and disadvantages, either one will do find in a standard repipe. PEX is far more flexible than copper and can be used with fewer connections. Copper is rigid and handles pressure changes better than its PEX counterpart.  Before having a repiping job done, make sure one of our Carson plumbing contractors explains the advantages of each type so you can make an informed decision.

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